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Heavy Air Play Program

Heavy Air Play Program

Heavy Air Play Program


Heavy rotation of your song reaches more people across the globe considering different time zones and how people operate throughout the day. More consistent airplay offers better saturation.

In addition BDS detection will give you the potential to get on a major label's radar but no only that major radio station's all monitor BDS reports weekly and analyze what radio station is playing what and it determines what records they may consider to play.

BDS is similar to a credit report, major outlets such as labels, satellite radio and traditional radio stations check the BDS report as it gives them an idea how well your music is doing in specific markets. If you have no detection then to them you basically do not exist.

The Heavy Spin Program includes all of the below:

  • Global broadcast via our website, mobile app, TuneIn, Shoutcast and more
  • You will get a min. of 40 spins for the duration of the program which is 30 days
  • If your record is not BDS encoded we will provide the service ($50 savings)
  • Mandatory 66 Raw Shogun DJ Playlist (our 15 DJ's who play at major clubs and radio station will test your record in the club for feedback)
  • On Air Interview
  • On Air Interview will be recorded via our 66 Raw TV and made available on our website as a video.
  • Interview will get social media promotions once it put live.
  • You will get a profile on our website with your music
  • You will be included in our weekly newsletter and a link to your profile
  • You will get a 4x Push Notifications to all of our mobile app user when your profile is on available on our app and to listen to your song and when your song is about to come on the air.