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You Are NOT "Chance The Rapper"

You Are NOT "Chance The Rapper"

We all watched the interviews with "Chance The Rapper" and how he is defying the label deals and made a lot of money on his own and staying independent, which pretty much put it into every new artist mind that they can do the same thing too.

Technically, YES, but practically NO, unless there are a bunch of things that are at play that most "Chance The Rapper" imitators simply do not understand.

Just like the Muhammad Ali's, Mike Tyson, Michael Jackson, Prince's etc, there is one that has been blessed with talent but not only talent but understanding the value of their talent and properly hone their skill with not only music but business as well.

Take the late musical genius "Prince" before he became a music God, he worked at a studio doing janitorial duties in exchange for studio time. He didn't give everyone the sob story that if someone would just help them, he would be the biggest musical star in the world. He simply worked for it and he earned it.

I can say with great confidence that about 90% of ALL aspiring artists are just basically full of shit. Why? It is simple -  Right now, ESPECIALLY in Hip Hop making a mixtape is just as easy as heating up a microwave dinner, do you consider it "cooking"? Hell no! Is the food good? Not really. Is the food good for you? Nope!

The same is going on with the music business, the 90% simply is not willing nor resilient enough to do what is needed to follow through with a successful entertainment career. First and foremost, being a artist is no different than wanting to be a doctor or a lawyer. You have to be passionate about it first! Passion means that you would do music even if there is no fame or financial reward, you just do it because you love it and don't care about the money.

Second, like any other business, you have to do your due diligence, you have to learn, research, study and get better. If you are a proud person,  you would want to be the best which includes getting the best music for your song, making sure the sound quality is top notch and not really caring that you may have to pay several thousands to record it to the way you want it to be in a real professional studio to get it recorded, mixed and mastered.

Then there is still the whole business side of it. You need services, you need product, you need expertise. Where in the hell did you get your expertise from when you never made a dime in the entertainment industry and just got started?

Don't think just because you watched a few Hip Hop documentaries and watch a few of Chance The Rapper interviews, that you are ready for prime time. Sorry it doesn't work that way!

Understand that in this entertainment business you have high powered attorneys that negotiate deals, you have people that have been earning six figure salaries working for Song, Universal, Def Jam, etc. who have been responsible in marketing, distributing and everything else for many years.

So where do you think that you got your knowledge from? How do you think you know how to promote yourself when you never done it?

Doesn't make sense doesn't? But guess what if you are serious you are not afraid to invest in gaining the knowledge just as you will have to pay for college, this is not free. You can become creative to where certain individuals may want to look out for you but believe that there are more people like you than there are not in the game!



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