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How do you get Radio Airplay?

How do you get Radio Airplay?

Every single amateur comes into the entertainment game green and naive. They think they have the game all figured out and with all this social media pretend stuff it is even worse now than it was 10 years ago.

Here is the reality, I hope you new artists are really reading this!

  1. Commercial radio is a business first and they are definitely not in the business of breaking records, their sole purpose is to play all of the hits that people want to hear.
  2.  Why would anyone play your record that doesn't know anything of you? Or even before that is your record even commercial ready? Meaning has it been professionally recorded, mixed and mastered so that it sounds good for any and everyone?
  3. Have you checked the charts and paid close attention who is getting airplay? Do you fall into the category? Maybe in your mind but in a world of entertainment industry professional it is like extending a loan to someone with bad or no credit.
  4. So how do you build this credit? You build your own fanbase which means start at the bottom and yes, it means paying for stuff and not thinking that you can become a superstar and millionaire for free. Sorry, it just doesn't happen and that is why millions of artist stay on the bottom and only a few make it. It is simple as that.
  5. Being an artist is like being a business, you have competition, you have to create a product people want. Nobody will buy a product they know nothing about. When you see companies launch new products from soda's, food, etc. They spend big budgets into markets introducing them to the masses. At events, creating their own events, giving away samples, creating lasting impact with campaigns.

We hear it day and day out, someone tells you, you shouldn't have pay for stuff but this can't be the furthest away from the truth and fact is that about 90% of "aspiring" artist can't afford to be in the music game they either have absolutely no experience, they have no knowledge how the industry REALLY works, they have no money to even promote their music the right way and then they simply lack the proper mentality.

It cost at least about $50,000 to promote a single regionally.

  • Recording costs - Studio time, mixing, mastering, producer fees, engineers, etc.
  • Promotions - Marketing materials, street teams, digital marketing, website, listening parties, performances, etc
  • Legal - Attorney's, copyrights, Soundscan, upc codes, BDS, Mediabase, ASCAP, BMI, SESAC...
  • Travel - Rental cars, plane tickets, hotels, food for yourself and a team.
  • Expenses - Getting to know people like DJ's, Program Directors, etc you have to pay for dinner, nightclubs, and more.

There is still so much more that goes into this and we are simply scratching the surface, your record needs to be serviced and you simply just don't walk into a radio station and they will play your record. They may on a "Dig It or Dish it" but in order for people to get familiar with your record it has to be played multiple times over a at 3 months. The one radio play won't stick to anyone when there are millions of records.

Radio Stations have advertisers and they have an audience that they compete with every single day, they require whatever they play to be top notch in a sense of product from recording, promotions, exposure and so on. If the people are not familiar with and are not requesting it and we are not talking about your family calling the hot line but meaning that fans call consistently, request it in all the hot night clubs, they ask where they can get it. Then you have a chance to get it played but if you are not there than you have a long road ahead of you. Keep thinking that the road to the riches are free and don't require massive dedication and investments, you will be 50 years old and still wonder why nothing every popped for you!



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