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Promotions Etiquette - The What and What Not To Do

Promotions Etiquette - The What and What Not To Do

There is a misconception that all promotions is good but the truth is that is is NOT!

Majority of new aspiring artists lack knowledge in the many facets of the entertainment business. Just like with anything else, there is a right way of doing something and a wrong way.

The wrong way can have lasting repercussion to someone's career and you wind up just spinning your wheels and wasting your time.

The entertainment business is a business with that being said, you have to understand that all functions and aspects are done by experts in each field. Marketing, Promotions, Recording, Administration, etc. The people that are hired have done this professionally many years and that is the reason why they work with a major label or have landed investments to provide these services.

You can't possibly believe that you can just come into the game, watch a few Youtube videos and documentaries and now you are ready for the big time. That is the most amateur and childish way to view and think of yourself.

The biggest mistake that happens way too often and common

  1. Spamming - Spamming means that you send or post things that people didn't ask for and is annoying to them. It is not only considered emails. Spamming is plastering your soundcloud, youtube, etc. on people's pages that they didn't ask for.
  2. Sob Stories - Every single person has a story, challenges, problems, etc. However, STOP trying win pity with people to sell yourself because you want to become famous and wealthy. People in this business get more of those types of pleas than artists that simply work, don't let their situation define themselves and go hard for what they believe in no matter what the condition is. Do yourself a favor and stop it with the "I don't have money", "I have it hard", "I just need someone to believe in me". Win by showing people the things you CAN do, NOT what you can't.
  3. Persistence with Pestering - No one wants to be harassed, no one wants to be consistently bombarded with stuff, so understand the boundary of being persistence and being a pest. You don't have hit someone up everyday or every time you see them. This will get you blacklisted because now you making things awkward and uncomfortable. It resonates similar as a disrespectful manner because you don't care about that person personal space to push your agenda.

The takeaway is that you MUST learn and understand the intricacies of how to appeal to people in a way where you do not invade or disrespect their personal space. Even if you start off your sentence with "I don't mean to intrude... " it still is an intrusion just because you acknowledge your action doesn't make it less of an intrusion.

THAT is the very basis of proper "Marketing and Promotions".



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