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Music Business is a business and the right strategy and execution makes the difference

Heavy Air Play Program
  • Real Feedback

    Your friends and family are not a valid source of opinion.  Strangers will give you unbiased feedback that is vital in building your audience. Get real feedback from people across the globe

  • BDS Detection

    BDS (Broadcast Data System) is a monitoring system that all major radio stations and record label use to measure music plays aka spins. It is like your credit report in the music business to analyze how your song is doing.

  • DJ Priorities

    DJ's are vital in getting your music to the masses and building a demand for it. In clubs, radio and parties is where DJ's play and how records are broken.

  • Programming

    Playing a record multiple times and consistently ensures that people hear your music and pay attention to it. People listen to music at different times throughout the day.

Artists Without Fans is like a Business without Customers

Businesses operate by the "supply & demand" principle. If there is no demand then there is no need for a supply which translates if you are an artist but have no fans then what is the point of your music?

Building a fanbase requires strategy, consistency and exposure. It means to build your brand by speaking to people's curiosity, you have to get them to come to you, if you have to push yourself onto them, you will lose that game.

Being "persistent" but not "pestering". There is a very fine line between the two. 

  • Exposure of your talent and brand.

    66 Raw is a global platform. We stream via our own custom mobile apps for iOS, Android and Amazon available free at the Apple Appstore, Google Play and Amazon Appstore. We are also a premium partner with TuneIn.

    We reach million of visitors, listeners and viewers and our variety of programming attracts various audiences with their love for urban music and entertainment.

  • Showcases and Events

    We offer a variety of showcases and special events along with our various partners through out the US.

    We provide avenues to be heard and seen as well opportunities to network and learn all vital to the growth of your career.

    As an artist performing and being out is VITAL to your career. This is how you build a fanbase and connect with your audience. Social media is NOT a substiute, it is merely a tool to keep your acquired fans attached to your brand.

  • Build an audience for your music.

    66 Raw has special custom programs that allows you to build an audience for your music.

    In order for people to know who you are they need to hear your music and with millions of listeners you need to saturate your "spins" so that more people can hear it and several times.

    A few spins here and there won't catch the attention of many listeners because trends start by repetition over a short period a time, so that they pay attention and remember.

Why 66 Raw


The 66 Raw Brand was born at XM Satellite Radio as one of the most sought after paid Hip Hop Channels. After the Sirius XM merger 66 Raw became an independent global platform working with all major and indie entitities.


66 RAW has a global reach and is accessible 24/7 on a wide variety of platform and applications. Mobile Apps, website and partnerships such as TuneIn allows us to reach a millions at anytime.


Entertainment is our business, we have been working with countless labels, companies and serious artists in assisting to achieve their goals. There is no magic bullet, it is about proper strategy and execution.